Wenakeeing Woods

Color Trails and Blazes

This image shows the trail loops in colors corresponding the the trail blazes.  Our trails in Wenakeening connect with the Upper Charles Trail to the north and with trails in Medway to the south. Note that the trails running off the property to the south enter the Marian community.

Parking and access are on the east side of Summer Street (just north of the Wilde Buildiing), and on the west side of Highland Street off the side of the fire road  that is just north of Timber Ledge Drive between the drivewaysato 1555 and 1557 Highland St.

  There is off-road parking for several cars at each location. 


 Above is a picture of the parking area off Summer Street, just north of the Wilde Corporation.

Below are pictures of the Highland Street parking area and path into the property.