Properties and Projects

We continually update this portion of our website with detailed maps and photographs. These are popular projects that we support, and our most accessable properties:

*The Upper Charles Trail - a recreational hiking and biking trail in the towns of Milford, Holliston, and Sherborn. Parking available in Milford off Route 85 and other designated spots.  We provide a link here to the Upper Charles Trail web site.  Note that the Wenakeening Woods trails connect to the Upper Charles Trail.

*Wenakeening Woods in Holliston - parking and access off Summer Street (just north of the Wilde Buildiing), and on the west side of Highland Street (just north of Timber Ledge Drive) there is off-road parking for several cars at each location. See our new trail maps that have been posted in our kiosks.

*Hidden Meadow in Sherborn - parking on Bear Hill Road

*Humphrey Marsh Land with Beavers in Sherborn - parking at Barber Reservation on Western Avenue